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Your Bills Won’t Pay Themselves.

After an accident your life will become chaotic. Don’t deal with the chaos alone! Let the Law Office of Traci Trippe Hoffman, Esq. take care of business while you take care of recovering.

We will get you the best possible compensation that will get your life back on track. We don’t get paid unless you do!


Criminal Defense Attorney

Your Future Is Priceless.

Don’t cross your fingers and hope for a decent public defender. Contact the Law Office of Traci Trippe Hoffman, Esq. and go into court confident that you have a solid defense strategy.

Don’t leave your future to chance, we will get the best possible outcome for you no matter the circumstances.

Traci was Simply the Best!

"Traci helped me with a minor shoplifting charge. She was able to help me get the bench warrant lifted and no probation. I would definitely refer her to anyone who needs an Attorney. Thank You Traci!"
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Our Clients Don’t Settle For Less.

Victims of accidents often end up feeling cheated by the system because at the end of the day, they lose the most and did nothing wrong. Not our clients! Our experience fighting insurance companies and at fault parties has resulted in settlement payouts that not only cover the best medical care for our clients but also everything that was taken from them.

At the Law Office of Traci Trippe Hoffman, Esq., we don’t believe in low-ball offers for quick cash and we don’t give in to pressure from giants. We fight for the financial compensation that our clients are owed because of someone else’s negligence.

The first 24 hours after an accident is critical, contact us immediately so you don’t lose out on damages that you are owed!

The Best Criminal Defense Attorney

Criminal Defense You Can Count On.

When you find yourself on the wrong side of the law, you need a team that will fight for you. That’s why the Law Office of Traci Trippe Hoffman, Esq. is dedicated to putting up the best defense strategy possible for all of our clients. We go into each case armed with a history of wins and a deep understanding of Georgia state law so you never have to navigate the legal system alone.

With years of experience and a long list of courtroom victories behind us, the Law Office of Traci Trippe Hoffman, Esq. is ready to take on the toughest charges. Our boutique law firm lets us give you the individual attention you need to get the best outcome possible in court.

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Frequently Asked Questions

After being injured in an auto accident or animal attack life can get complicated quickly. Navigating the complexities of a personal injury case can be daunting. With an experienced attorney in your corner, however, you’ll get solid support and representation throughout each step of the process: from strategic advice on defending your rights to savvy courtroom negotiations or settlements that maximize compensation for medical bills and other expenses associated with injuries. Plus, knowledgeable attorneys are well-versed in local court systems as well as all relevant players on behalf of victims seeking compensation — making them invaluable assets when filing paperwork or digging up evidence crucial for success!

Do you need help getting compensation for a personal injury claim? An experienced personal injury attorney can provide legal counsel and advocate on your behalf with insurance companies. They understand the particulars of each case, along with state laws and federal requirements to ensure that negotiations go in your favor. From gathering evidence to filing paperwork, they are there every step of the way so that you get what is rightfully yours.

If you’re facing criminal charges, it’s important to have an experienced criminal defense attorney on your side. An experienced criminal defense lawyer can provide the legal expertise and advice needed to protect your rights in any situation involving fraud, assault, robbery, or DUI charges. From negotiating plea bargains with prosecutors to defending against accusations at trial – an experienced Criminal Defense Attorney is essential for pursuing the best possible outcome to protect your future.

When it comes to finding the right criminal defense lawyer, experience and knowledge of criminal law is essential. But don’t forget that you’ll need a passionate advocate who will work tirelessly in court proceedings as well as negotiations on your behalf. It’s paramount that they understand your needs and strive for the best possible outcome given your situation – so find someone with whom you feel comfortable sharing information freely!

Having an experienced criminal defense attorney on your side can be invaluable. They will provide you with professional representation, explain the charges and penalties, draw upon their intimate knowledge of criminal law to present a strong case in court or during negotiations, while striving towards the best possible outcome for you. Regardless of circumstance, they are dedicated to fighting for justice on behalf of their client!