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If you have a prior charge on your otherwise clean record, you may be able to get a record restriction.

In order to appeal to the court, you need a solid case and a good lawyer on your side. TT Attorney can help.

Record Restriction in Georgia

When you go to apply for a job or try to get a new driving license, you may run into trouble if you have a past arrest on your record. The Georgia court system allows you to apply for a record restriction, a process that keeps anyone outside of the criminal justice system so that they don’t stop you from living a full life. To get your record restricted, you have to apply to the court. You will only be considered if you meet certain requirements. You may qualify if your charge:
  • Never got referred to the prosecuting attorney for prosecution.
  • If your charges were dismissed without seeking an indictment or filing an accusation.
  • It was your first offense.
  • You had a conditional discharge conviction not previously restricted.
  • You have a conviction for certain misdemeanor offenses, not felonies.

You can’t apply for any restrictions if you have current outstanding criminal charges or if you have any new convictions on your record that occurred after the one you want to be restricted.
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The Record Restriction Process

You will need an official application and a state-issued ID in order to apply for record restriction in Georgia. You can find it on your county’s website or by calling your county office.

Contact our Attorneys for any help pleading your case or navigating the application process. Once your record is restricted, you can get a certified copy of your final disposition in case someone tries to use your restricted record against you in the future.

Is Record Restriction Worth it?

By sealing misdemeanor cases, you can put the past where it belongs – behind you. Then you can move on with a new job, get a new license, and work towards new and better goals. Don’t let a past mistake haunt you – talk to our team about restriction today.

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