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If you or a loved one got injured in a car accident, you are owed compensation, but you have to present a solid case. TT Attorney can help!

Car accidents in Georgia

In Georgia, car accident settlements get decided by two factors: economic and non-economic damage. In rare cases, the court will award punitive damages. Here’s a quick breakdown of each.
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Economic damages

These expenses are anything you can objectively prove with paperwork. Invoices, income statements, estimates of the damage done to your car, or medical bills show how much you have to pay to get your life and your health in order. If your car was totaled or you spent time in the hospital as a result of the accident, you need to make sure you have everything documented so that you can prove the expense of each visit. If your doctor tells you that you can’t work for the next year, you need your company or a professional to assess how much money you stand to lose.

Even small injuries like whiplash can get you economic damages, so be sure to contact a lawyer immediately after an accident so you know who to talk to and how to track each visit. Each documented cost helps our legal team fight for you in court.

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Non-economic damages

These are subjective to your personal experience and are harder to define. They include pain and suffering, emotional distress, inconvenience, loss of consortium, (or damage to your relationships, your sexual health, or other personal areas of your life), and stress and anxiety.

These are much harder to argue and require a skilled attorney who knows how to fight for you in court. Contact TT Attorney for a consultation if you believe you are owed for non-economic damages.

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Punitive and exemplary damages

If you are the victim of a reckless or drunk driver, or if you believe that someone set out to hurt you with their car, the court may award you punitive damages.

Punitive damages in car accident cases are not a given. They require that you prove the other person was either grossly reckless or displayed a clear disregard for your life.

Have Your Day in Court

By holding your aggressor accountable, you can get the money you need to move on with your life. Don’t let them get away with it. Talk to TT Attorney about your options and let us build a case for you.

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