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If you have suffered a serious injury from a dog attack then you are owed compensation, TT Attorney can help!

Dog Bite Injuries in Georgia

If you have injuries and damages resulting from a dog attack, you likely have a good case for a law suit. Georgia law holds the owners of pets that attack others liable. After a dog bites or attacks a victim, the county will take the animal into custody and hold a hearing to determine if the dog is vicious. A dog is deemed vicious if it exhibits certain behaviors, such as:

  • Charging at people or other domesticated animals.
  • Excessive growling or snarling.
  • Aggressive barking.
  • Attempting to get away from an owner to attack another person.
  • Attacking other animals.

If your attack was unprovoked, i.e. if the dog charged at you even though you weren’t close by, that’s considered vicious behavior. For a solid compensation claim against an insurance company, you may have to show that the owner was careless with the dog and your safety by not keeping the dog locked up or not using a leash. 

In the eyes of the court, an owner is liable as he or she should have known about the dog’s behavior and taken appropriate precautions for other people’s safety. That’s why a good personal injury lawyer is so important to ensure that you get the compensation that you deserve.

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How TT Attorney Can Help

Our legal team can help investigate the dog and its owner, the extent of your injuries, and calculate a better settlement for your injuries. Dog bite damages help cover the cost of pain and suffering, which includes medical bills, lost wages from missed days of work, emotional damages, and other expenses.

The average dog bite payout in Georgia totals $40,000, but you may be entitled to more. Get in touch with TT Attorney today to discuss your case and how we can help.

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By holding the dog’s owner accountable, you can get the money you need to pay your medical bills, take care of yourself, and move on with your life. A dog bite can do real damage to your body. You need all the support you can get in order to help yourself heal.

The Lawyers at TT Attorney are experienced Personal Injury Attorneys and specialize in animal attacks and dog bite claims. Contact us today and tell us about your case!

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