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When arguments turn physical, they can result in assault and simple battery charges.

If you’ve been charged, you need to understand the law and how you may be sentenced. Scroll down to learn more about these charges and how TT Attorney can help.

Assault Charges in Georgia

Assault is the threat of violence. In Georgia state law, it’s defined as when an individual acts in a way that makes another person reasonably frightened that they will be violently harmed.

That means you can be charged with assault even if you never physically engage with another person. If you make a clear threat like “I’m going to break your legs,” that counts as assault. Your words and your actions may be enough to make that person get the police involved.

Simple Battery Charges in Georgia

Simple battery is any physical harm that results in minor injuries like a black eye or a laceration. Battery is defined as physical harm with intention. For example, it’s difficult to cut someone without meaning to cut someone.

If you threaten to hurt someone and then follow through with the threat, that becomes a combined charge of assault and simple battery.

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Consequences of These Charges

These charges count as a misdemeanor and your sentence may include a fine of up to $1,000 or a maximum of 12 months in jail. Alternatively, the judge may grant you a year of probation or ask that you make restitution payments.

Restitution is money you have to pay to the defendant to cover any damages. You can be ordered to pay them even if you don’t have access to the full amount. Restitution can be incredibly expensive and get drawn out into a long, expensive punishment.

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